Teaching The How To Fuck

Teaching The How To Fuck Studio: Irmãos Dotados
Jean Carlos is Ryans and will spend a few days at his house, while Ryan is at home watching television, his calls him to let him know he is going home. Upon arriving at home, Jean is well received by his who shows him the room where he will be staying and says that his parents have no plans to arrive. Jean is surprised at how fast his has grown up. Jean is the kind of that every would like to have, healed and very hot. He decides to go take a shower after arriving from the street, meanwhile, Ryan hits a very hot handjob on the living room sofa watching a sex video. His catches him on the way out of the bathroom and goes to the bedroom. Later the two have sausage lunch and Jean Carlos asks if his Ryan likes sausage, and he confirms it. Jean goes to sleep a little and his beats off a nice handjob, this time watching his lying naked on the bed. Jean wakes up to find Ryan running scared. Jean Carlos remembers the time that he was a teenager and that he beat about five handjobs a day. The next day, Jean again catches Ryan wanking and decides to give a special gift for his with a sex toy for him to masturbate. Jean Carlos teaches step by step how to fuck and his is attentive to each teaching. Jean Carlos realizes that Ryan is not using the toy right and decides to show how it is used by putting the cock out masturbating, leaving Ryan with mouth water. Jean asks Ryan to suck his delicious cock and then begins to make a beautiful rumming on the boys tasty ass. Jean Carlos realizes that Ryan is loving all that and decides to fuck the boys ass by giving it a spit and getting it really delicious inside the tight ass of his who moans with pleasure. Ryan changes position and rides on top of his s cock making him crazy with lust. The two will spend a season together with a lot of fun and pleasure. Teaching the How to Fuck is the type of movie will sharpen your sexual fantasies and make you ravish with lust watching the debut of our newest actors Jean Carlos and Ryan in their first scene for our production company together.

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Teaching The How To Fuck

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