Helena R & Ulyana - Special massage

Helena R & Ulyana - Special massage Cast: Helena R & Ulyana
Genres: Kissing, Pussy Fingering, Pussy Licking, Indoors, Lesbian, Scissoring, 6
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As they sit together on the massage table, Ulyana gently rubs Helena's shoulders, then peels off her t-shirt and unzips her shorts. Lying face down in her lingerie, Helena savours the feeling of Ulyana's skilled hands kneading into the muscles of her neck and her firm bum cheeks. When Helena flips over, the girls make sparkling eye contact and begin kissing, as Ulyana slips her hand into Helena's panties. Soon, they're both naked and ready to enjoy even more intimate forms of touch together, as Helena opens her legs to feel Ulyana's tongue lapping her soft shaved pussy.With a cheeky grin, Helena pulls down Ulyana's undies and nestles her face between her friend's warm thighs, gazing up adoringly, as she licks. Hopping onto the table together, the girls indulge in spirited scissoring, eagerly groping each other's bare breasts as their smooth vulvas rub together. Then, Helena sits on Ulyana's face, shutting her eyes tight, as a pink blush rises on her cheeks, and she feels her orgasm coming. In the afterglow, the girls make out and caress each other's satisfied naked bodies all over.

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Helena R & Ulyana - Special massage

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