Cobie – beautiful day

Cobie – beautiful day Eight days in Holland! Cobie had been looking forward to it! She brought her FancySteel and I had her NeoSteel in the studio, so there was no reason for her to be unbelted, in case of problems we could always switch belts. Last time, in November, she had some problems with the FancySteel being too tight on her hip bones. But Cobie took care of this in Australia: she had new leather lining added to her belt! It is a lot more comfortable now.
In November, it was seriously cold (for Cobie) in Holland, so going outside was not really an option. We did see Sinterklaas one day, and did some shopping, but Cobie said it was ‘freezing’ (even though it was about 15 degrees Celsius). She covered herself in jackets and scarfs, so we could not really see her belt or her collar in public.
This time, however, the weather was great! Cobie was very happy (‘it feels like home!’), so we went outside to a park for a nice walk and a chat about her new FancySteel lining. She is so great! We talked about chastity in public, and some people were passing, but they did not seem very interested in Cobie’s belt. We also tested if Cobie would be able to do any sports or fitness, she did some lunges and she even tried running in her FancySteel, all with very positive outcome (‘it is great for running!!’, Cobie said).
What a great week (8 days) we had! With such good weather, and Cobie locked in a chastity belt all the time (and me holding her keys), I was feeling very relaxed and happy. It was over so quick though! I really miss her when I look at these videos! But don’t worry, there are a lot more videos of her stay in Holland, so stay tuned for more chastity happiness with Cobie!

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Cobie – beautiful day

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