James part 4

James part 4 Hetero James is in a total fucking panic! He's stark naked and bound to bench so he can do nothing to protect his exposed arsehole. Every muscle in his lithe body fights against the leather straps keeping him down but there's nothing he can do to escape. And his struggling only turns Dave on as it makes his muscles enticingly bulge and his great big heavy ball sack shake. What a turn on! As Dave warms his arse up delivering wicked lashes to his smooth cheeks James shouts angrily under his ball gag. As he gets so worked up his body becomes coated in a thing layer of sweat and the room fills with the heady aroma of this straight man's frustration and terror. James is ordered to present the sensitive soles of his feet which Dave wickedly lashes. This causes a pain so intense and acute that James will do literally anything to make it stop! During all James' struggling his bum has been wiggling so temptingly Dave plunges into it finger his arse and stretching his hole open and ramming him with a thick dildo. James is utterly humiliated to find himself growing a big hardon with his arse being pounded! Dave makes James suck his dick or else he's tighten his hands around his neck! James desperately slurps up Dave's shaft only to find he makes him so hard that Dave aggressively fucks him. This restrained hetero has no choice but to become a cum guzzling whore!
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James part 4

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