Vengeance – Chapter 7

Vengeance – Chapter 7 An ominous line of lit candles illuminate Cole Miller’s naked body. He is face-down on a low table, his neck collar padlocked to an eye hook, his bare feet cuffed together and chained to the ceiling, bending his knees. Young sadist Noah Evans, clad in leather chaps, cap and harness, beats the soles of Cole’s feet with a rod, making him yelp in agony. Noah then rubs lube over the boy’s feet and uses them to pleasure his erect cock before caning them again. His dick still hard, Noah grabs a large candle and pours a pool of burning wax on Cole’s bruised soles, making him yelp even louder. Then Noah pours more searing wax on Cole’s ass, then on his feet again, over and over, staying hard the whole time. Some of the hot wax seeps into Cole’s asshole and coats his balls.
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Vengeance – Chapter 7

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