He Hogcuffs part 2

He Hogcuffs part 2 This clip starts where Part 1 ended... The creepy man removes her punishing cleave gag and replaces it with a large black ball gag. He then toe and thumb cuffs her. He uses more black tape... wrapping it around the ball gag. forcing it deeper into her mouth. He sits back and watches her struggle. After a while he returns to cuff her elbows and then he hogcuffs her. He leaves her to whimper moan and struggle again in the unforgiving steel chain and cuffs. He's not done with her yet though. He clover clamps her nipples and then stands over her with his foot on her side, like a proud hunter standing over his prize trophy game. Poor Violet does not seem to like the clamps at all! He doesn't seem to care though, he seems to delight in her suffering. After a while he pays her some more attention. He finally removes the clamps and then her gag. He kneads and pinches her sore nipples and once again delights in her muffled screams. He removes the cuffs and chains except for her wrists and ankles. Violet seems to be learning her place. She is now calling him "Sir" and is trying to keep quiet as he works. He tells her that he wants to see her bound in rope. He starts by tying a rope around her neck. This is where Part 2 ends.
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He Hogcuffs part 2

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