Playtime – Part 9

Playtime – Part 9 Beautiful young Wyatt is splayed on his back on the bondage table, naked and hairless, the perfect slave boy. His ass lies on a two-foot wide strip of wire-mesh. “Good morning, boy,” Jared says, wearing skin-tight leggings and heavy boots. “I hope you are up for some fun,” he adds, reaching for his flogger. Wyatt yelps and gasps as his chest and stomach are whipped, knowing his pain and the marring of his perfect skin pleases his master. Then Jared’s cruelty turns truly vicious. He puts a metal vice on Wyatt’s balls and stretches his scrotum with a rope to the ceiling, then attaches electrodes to the vice and the wire mesh, forcing the slave to lift his butt off the table until he gets exhausted and collapses, sending electric current surging into his body. Jared is a total sadist, but his slave will get revenge – as you can see in Role Reversal.
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Playtime – Part 9

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