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21 year old bartender/server Nue, which is pronounced New-Way, is Thai, Cambodian, and Chinese. Let me tell you folks, this was a great day. Nue is what I like to call a sleeper. She comes in, she’s a lil timid and shy, but she’s here and she wants her shot at the adult industry. Apparently our little diamond in the rough has heard good things about the jizz biz from her friends and she’s gonna see if she has what it takes. She’s got perky pierced nipples, nice long legs, and those braces. Rick really hooked it up this week I’ll tell you what. We start off by getting to know her a little better, which if we’re being honest is my least favorite part lol. She tries to tell us some malarky about how she’s only been with 1 or 2 guys but we know that’s a load of BS. She’s never done anal but always wanted to try (SCORE) and she loves creampies.. So let's make this girl's dreams of the big time come (partially lol) true. Once we get her clothes off and see that gorgeous body she opens up quite a bit. She’s very very placating following orders to a T. She was so much fun, all giggly and cute. She does a great job sucking my cock… did I mention how much I love those braces? Yowza. I fuck her all over the office while she’s still wearing that butt plug, and boy howdy she’s a tight fit. When these girls come in and tell us they’ve never had a cock in their asses before it always worries me just a little. Can they take my cock? Are they gonna cry? Will they run out of the office screaming? In this case, she handles my hog like a champ. I get balls deep in that butthole, and get some really great gapes. She has no problem taking my cock straight to her mouth from her ass, and you can almost see the joy when I flood that pussy with my sweet baby batter. She even complies when I tell her to slurp up the cum that dripped out of her pussy on to the desk. What a good girl.

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Nue Hd

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