Kordelia Devonshire – Secretary Kidnapped to the Woods

Kordelia Devonshire – Secretary Kidnapped to the Woods Release Year: 2022
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Blonde secretary Kordelia Devonshire (with big tits!), has been kidnapped to the wilderness yet again! She’s wearing an office skirt and open-toe, strappy high heels. Her captor has her tied seated on a flat rock. Her ankles and thighs are bound, her hands tied behind her back. Kordelia’s been cleave gagged with a knotted scarf. Her captor is finishing the knots on the chest ropes that he’s tying about her wonderfully large breasts.
Then he leaves his kidnapped secretary there, and we’re treated to some fantastic shots of our sexy, blonde secretary struggling against her bonds, all alone in the woods. But her captor soon returns, wanting to take advantage of his boobular damsel. He pulls down her top — and those amazing (and natural) tits of hers are literally spilling over and out of the bra cups! This gets him even more excited, so he extracts Kordelia’s love mountains from her bra and fondles and gropes them. And gropes them even more. This kidnapper is having a serious amount of fun playing with Kordelia’s gorgeous tits!
But at long last, he must remove his roaming hands from her gorgeous breasts and our captive secretary is left alone once again. Now she struggles topless, her tits jiggling while she’s mmphing out in the wilds where only we can hear her…

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Kordelia Devonshire – Secretary Kidnapped to the Woods

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