Blind Eye

Blind Eye Release Year: 2006
Studio: Gordi Films
Cast: Ricky Silverado, Claudio Riccardo, Vladimir Zadar, John Swiss, Alan Perkins, Erik Voight, Gonsalo, Artur Rossi, Carlos Primeros, Marcel Blanski, Miguel Diaz, Bob Crane, Brian Ash
Genres: Bareback, Teens, Twinks, Oral, Anal, Group
No one would want to turn a "Blind Eye" to all the hot Young Looking International Men in this production. The good people at Gordi Films out of Switzerland have created this Tasty Movie for every fan of Bareback Productions out there to enjoy! The film starts with Artur Rossi on a couch with a couple of Amorous Friends. Carlos Primeros and Frodo Gonsalo are Rough Housing with their attractive friend with two toned hair, and before long their tickling and teasing turns into kissing and groping. Rossi and Gonsalo seem eager to get their good looking brute friend's clothes off, and they start sucking his dick and licking his body as soon as they gotten the fabric out of the way. The young man looks pretty thrilled, and is soon pulling at his friend's clothing, so he can show off his Oral Skills for a while. These three even manage to get into a Visually Stunning oral circle before they wind up having sex. Gonsalo is ambitious enough to take on Primeros first, and then he decides that he has to get his hands on his two toned haired friend's sweet bottom as the three men get carried away! The guys move smoothly from position to position, with Rossi and Primeros taking each other on before the scene if finished. Their Flip/Flop makes this threesome even more delicious, and they certainly look like they are having a great time as theye all over each other at the end of the scene.Then the camera turns to Alan Perkins relaxing on his couch and getting ready to have a drink. He is joined by Claudio Riccardo and they both enjoy something to drink before they start Kissing each other.It doesn't take the me long to decide to start pulling each other's clothes off. Viewers get a nice view of Perkins Lean Chest, and then Riccardo pulls out his sweet dick so he can suck it for a while. Perkins returns the favor, and he looks like he is pleased by the Thickness of his partner's member while he is licking it. He looks even happier when his friend Rims Him, and then takes him on with that same large member in several positions all over the sofa.Once Riccardoes all over Perkins' stomach the film moves on to Three Men who are already Nude and sucking each other's dicks. Poor Marcel Blanski looks like he is having trouble deciding whether John Swiss or Miguel Diaz's dick is tastier, but even if he can't decide, all three of them look like they are having a great time as they make out on a large leopard print throw.It is impossible to tell how the group of men got together, but they certainly look pleased with each other as they move from place to place on the fabric enjoying each other's bodies. Swiss is the first one to move onto sex, taking on his cute looking co-star Diaz, but then Diaz and Blanski take each other on as this Passionate Threesome makes the most of their time together on screen.But John Swiss hasn't gotten enough yet, so he heads into a nearby kitchen where he finds Ricci Silverado working at the stove. He seems interested in what the young man is cooking at first, and then turns his attentions to his cute body, so Silverado forgets what he is working on and starts concentrating on Swiss' Fine Body.The men have a wonderful time making out, and fans of cute guys in their Underwear should love how the director focuses on their lithe bodies as they get undressed. Both men sport nice looking undergarments and they linger on them for a little while before trading Blow Jobs and having sex. Swiss takes on Silverado as he leans against the kitchen cabi at first, and then they get on the floor so they can concentrate on their Bareback Action.Gym Action is up next when Brian Ash finds Bob Crane using some exercise equipment while wearing just his Blue Jeans. Crane seems a little ufortable about getting attention from his tall friend at first, but he is able to get past the giggles after a little while when his new friend starts licking his Bare Chest. Ash is ambitious about getting Crane out of his clothes, and he soon makes his way down his co-stars body so he can open his pants and suck his big dick. Crane looks like he is about toe almost right away, but he manages to calm down, and he even returns the Oral Favor when Ash offers him his own piece. The men wind up having sex all over the apparatus, and then on the floor, with Crane almosting inside of his partner as he gets caught up in the moment. Then the film finishes up with Erik Voight getting together with the Cover Model Vladimir Zadat. They are already smooching away when the camera finds them, and as viewers get to watch they help each other off with their shirts so they can suck on each other's nipples.

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Blind Eye

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