Angelina, Miss Barker Have I Got The Job

Angelina, Miss Barker Have I Got The Job Video language: English
Miss Barker interviews Angelina to see if she would be a good fit for spanking videos. Angelina explains that she has only been spanked by her boyfriend, but loves it and always asks for more. Of course, the interview must include an audition. Miss Barker takes Angelina over her knee and starts with some moderate spanks and rubbing to pinken up her bottom. Angelina asks if she has the job, but Miss Barker wants to try a bit more first. She next has Angelina bend over kneeling on the sofa and stick out her bottom for more. Angelina keeps inquiring about the job, but must first try the leather paddle and strap in the same position to prove she can take it hard enough! She even has to strip for the latter part of her audition. When she's all done and getting dressed, Miss Baxter says she will call and let her know about the job.

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Angelina, Miss Barker Have I Got The Job

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