Paingasm A paingasm is something so rare that most girls don't even know that it exists. They have never been hurt so bad and teased so expertly that their hormones rage so far out of control that it makes them cum. Katharine Cane has never had the pleasure herself. Cyd Black will change that.The key is to subject her to just the right amounts of pain andpleasure, first alternately, then at the same time. She needs tofirst associate the feelings of torment and titilation.Once the two are linked subconsciously in her mind then one can be substituted for the other.She learns quickly. First Cyd canes her until he can see thestripes on her legs, then Katharine is vibrated until she cums. Thenext time he gives her an orgasm he makes sure to cane her all the way through it. After that the bondage becomes more and more intense with each passing orgasm. New and painful positions ensure that they are harder to achieve than the last. That doesn't mean she won't be getting off, though. It just means that they will be more intense every time.

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