Danielle Maye – PVC Tape Gagged HD, gagattack

Danielle Maye – PVC Tape Gagged HD, gagattack gagged and bound in sexy lingerie, it’s a bit of an ordeal for Danielle… Arms tied behind the chair she’s sat in, busty Danielle, in turquoise lingerie, begs not to be gagged. No such luck – her mouth is stuffed and black tape wrapped around in the form of a wide cleave-gag. She struggles and alternately expresses anger and requests to be released through her gag, but her captor has more in store for her. A silver tape wraparound gag with stuffing renders Danielle quieter, but she hopes someone will come to her rescue. Of course they don’t, and when this gag comes off, she is angrier, but this doesn’t save her from another round. This time the stuffing keeps her mouth open for the clear tape wrapped over it and round her head. Danielle is more plaintive now, using her big breasts to appeal to her captor and pleading for the gag to come off. It does, at some cost to her long hair. She says ‘no more!’ Will he take pity on her?

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:04
Video: 1920x1080, AVC (H.264), 24880kbps
Audio: 147kbps
Danielle Maye – PVC Tape Gagged HD, gagattack

File size: 2.9 GB
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