Was It Something I Did?- My Younger Lover

Was It Something I Did?- My Younger Lover Release Year: 2022
Studio: My Younger Lover
Cast: Rachael Cavalli, Gabbie Carter
Genres: Blonde, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Fingering, College, Milf, 69, Tattoos, Old Young, Facesitting, Tribbing, Lesbian, Original Series, rimming, pussy eating
Video language: English
A troubled Rachael Cavalli spontaneously calls up her younger girlfriend Gabbie Carter, insisting she come over ASAP. Rachael wants to have a discussion with Gabbie, and she'd rather not do it over the phone. Sensing Rachael's serious tone, Gabbie agrees and makes her way over.
When abbie arrives, Rachael sits her down and breaks the news to her: she thinks she and Gabbie should go their separate ways. Gabbie is taken aback. Was it something she did? Rachael assures her it wasn't and explains that she feels nervous about their age difference and how it might get in the way of Gabbie truly experiencing her youth. She doesn't want to hold Gabbie back from anything, whether it's going out to clubs with her friends or having a more traditional relationship with someone her own age.
Gabbie listens compassionately but doesn't react in the way Rachael expects. Gabbie couldn't care less about the things that 'girls her age' are supposed to do or who they are supposed to date. As far as she's concerned, she and Rachael have a true, deep relationship that she wouldn't trade for anything. The truth is Gabbie genuinely loves spending time with Rachael, and for her, that's enough.
After assuring Rachael that she's in this relationship for all the right reasons, Gabbie points out that there isn't legitimate reason to break up at all. Rachael earnestly agrees. With the weight lifted from Rachael's shoulders, she and Gabbie embrace. They celebrate their renewed commitment with a sensual sex session that reminds them of just how perfect they really are together.

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Was It Something I Did?- My Younger Lover

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