Mila Monet, Serene Siren - Don't Slow Down

Mila Monet, Serene Siren - Don't Slow Down Cast: Mila Monet, Serene Siren
Genres: Big Tits, Girl/Girl, Lesbian, MILF, Rimming, Tribbing, Older / Younger
Serene Siren gets a surprise visit from her girlfriend, Mila Monet. It turns out that Mila wants to have a talk with Serene, because she's concerned over the fact that they haven't had sex in a while. Is something wrong? Serene admits that she thought maybe they should slow things down a bit. Mila asks if Serene is worried about their age difference again, insisting that she LOVES Serene and doesn't care about their age gap. However, Serene frets over the fact that her career keeps her busy, so she can't go out with Mila every night. Surely Mila deserves someone who can devote more time to her, such as a fellow college student who can hang out with her? Besides, what would Mila's parents think if they found out that Mila is dating an older woman? And what would SOCIETY think? Mila insists that Serene is the most amazing woman she knows, and she doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about their relationship. If they have feelings for each other, then that's what matters the most. Mila playfully adds that they also have really fantastic sex... in fact, since they haven't had sex in a while, poor Mila had to stay up masturbating last night while thinking of Serene! Moved by Mila's love and also amused by her sexy comments, Serene lets go of her worries and kisses Mila, then guides her further into the house so they can make love.

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Mila Monet, Serene Siren - Don't Slow Down

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