Lady Lessons Part Two: The Player - WebYoung

Lady Lessons Part Two: The Player - WebYoung Release Year: 2014
Studio: WebYoung
Cast: Lola Foxx, Aidra Fox
Genres: Brunette, Girl on Girl, Natural Tits, Small Tits, Rim Job, Teen, 69, Tattoos, Pussy Licking
Video language: English
Lady Lessons is Webyoung´s first special edition signature series. The Player Part 2Adriana´s parents are away. Lola is the manipulative cunning bitch we all knew she was from the moment she warned us in Part 1. But this time has she gone too far? She didn´t have to do too much begging to convince her latest conquest, Adriana to let her stay and sit the house while she went away! Adriana sure would freak if she knew what Lola had planned. We see Lola taking advantage of the beautiful home, sunbathing in the backyard, and dipping her feet in the pool! Lola rings up the sweet girl she met at the juice counter, and invites her to crash Adriana´s house. Lola lets us in on her plan, which we could have guessed judging by her last lesbian hijinks, but this time she´s in her element, lies and cheats! Lola finally lets in Aidra, and soon their adult fun starts. Aidra is clearly nervous, but with such an experienced babe to show her the ropes, she doesn´t hesitate when Lola lays the seduction on thick! Before too long, they´ve found their spot, and Lola helps Aidra out of her clothes, taking the time to kiss her everywhere to coax the first bit of sweet pussy juice from Aidra´s shaved pussy. When Aidra´s clothes are finally gone, she helps Lola out of hers. They rub each other like the experts they are, caressing every inch of their horny nubile bodiesAidra wants it. But even more than that she wants Lola. Nothing pleases Aidra More than having Lola´s sweet pussy dripping into her mouth as she laps up every last drop of its divine nectar. Lola knows she caught a good one, but by the sound of her screams she is surprised at Aidra´s talent! Lola repays the favor by getting Aidra all slicked up, and using her expert tongue to prod at her tender asshole, and her fingers and thumb to push Aidra closer and closer to her climax. Lola takes her spot just as Aidra did under the beautiful vixen, yet, with her exceptional talent, Aidra is sent writhing and moaning, experiencing the best orgasm she´s ever had, hands down!Next, Lol flips Aidra over, getting a more convenient view of Aidra´s parts, and sending her skyrocketing toward her second orgasm. Lola demands that Aidra reciprocate, and by now they´re both waiting for the orgasm of their lives. They crawl into 69 and before long they´re both screaming and yelping as the other laps and prods at the other´s wet pussy until they´ve both cum once again leaving them in a heap of body parts and hair. Lola´s attitude changes immediately when they´re done, and Aidra asks if she is welcome to spend the night.

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Lady Lessons Part Two: The Player - WebYoung

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