Straight, But... Lonely - Adult Time Pilots

Straight, But... Lonely - Adult Time Pilots Release Year: 2022
Studio: Adult Time Pilots
Cast: Kali Roses, Violet Myers
Genres: Piercings, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Fingering, 69, Tattoos, Facesitting, Latina, Tribbing, Interracial, Ass, Lesbian, Cheating, Reality, Black Hair, Big ass, Dovefucking, interview, pussy eating
Video language: English
Kali Roses sits down to answer some questions. We ask her to tell us about her first time with a woman. She says that it all started because her boyfriend had to do a temporary work relocation overseas. They knew that a long-distance relationship would be hard, but he loved his job, so she completely supported him going.
The long-distance relationship was indeed really hard. They talked every day, and tried to make it work, but neither one of them was happy. They're both sexual people and being apart just got so... lonely. So, a couple of months in, they decided to open up the relationship. They agreed they could see other people, as long as it was just sex and there were no emotions involved. However, every time Kali tried to have sex with another man, she just couldn't go through with it. She just couldn't picture herself being with a guy who wasn't her boyfriend.
Kali decided to see her best friend, Violet Myers, for advice on what to do. Violet suggested to Kali that maybe it was specifically the aspect of the whole thing that was tripping her up. Kali was unsure what she meant and asked her to explain. Violet elaborated that Kali obviously had no problem with an open relationship in principle, but her reactions seemed more subconscious/physical. Maybe it's because other guys are too similar to her boyfriend - deep voices, stubbly chins, big strong hands. Maybe what she needed was something completely different that has no triggers to bring up lonely memories. In other words - and Violet swore she's not just saying this because she's a lesbian - maybe Kali should try having sex with a woman?
Kali was taken aback by Violet's suggestion initially, but quickly became intrigued. Kali then suggested that Violet was the woman she should hook up with, because she wanted it to be someone she knows and trusts. Violet was hesitant, since it wasn't her intention to be Kali's hookup, but she was eventually convinced and agreed.
So hat happened after that? Is Kali still with her boyfriend? Watch and find out!

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Straight, But... Lonely - Adult Time Pilots

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