A Toy In My Box - WebYoung

A Toy In My Box - WebYoung Release Year: 2018
Studio: WebYoung
Cast: Alina Li, Holly Michaels
Genres: Toys, Brunette, Big Tits, Girl on Girl, Natural Tits, Small Tits, College, Squirting, Pussy Licking, Hairy, Asian
Video language: English
Holly Michaels and Alina Li are moving into their new place for their first year of college, and they couldn´t be more excited to be getting out of their parent´s homes. The beautiful mansion they´re moving into was recently given to the college to be rented to the students who have parents that give considerable donations to the school. Alina and Holly have been friends since Alina moved to her home town, and they are so excited to finally be able to fly the coop together! But neither of them were prepared for how far they would come on their first experience out of the nest.As they rifle through Holly´s things, Holly offers to let Alina use anything she wants. What´s Holly´s is Alina´s. All of a sudden, Alina finds Holly´s glass dildo just floating around in the bottom of the box. Well, it´s Alina´s first time seeing a dildo, and she finds it surprising that holly doesn´t hide that thing! Holly asks how Alina doesn´t know what a dildo is, and if she masturbates. Alina´s Mom keeps her on a tight leash, so she admits reluctantly to being rather nave when it comes to her sexuality. Well, she´s in luck, because today Holly is going to show her how to use it.But first a kiss. Then comes the fireworks. Holly helps the shy nubile Asian out of her top, sucking her tits to encourage Alina to play back. Holly takes her time to kiss every inch of Alina before sliding off her hot panties. Holly sports her camel toe for the camera while she does down on Alina´s pussy, licking slowly, and loving every taste. Alina lets soft moans escape her shy mouth, and as Holly licks her harder, Alina´s moans become more confident and seductive. Soon it´s Holly´s turn to let her massive teen tits loose. Alina sucks them like a pro before helping Holly out of her jean shorts. Alina takes the dive, and soon Holly is holding her breath from the intense pleasure Alina is giving her orally. Here´s where they get down to business. First, Holly shows Alina how to use the dildo, but not long after, Alina gets her first taste. A taste of heaven! Today is a day of firsts and the dildo is not the only one. Watch as Alina takes her first squirt! The embarrassed young lovers continue until they each have another intense orgasm with the dildo. By the amount of experimenting they´ve done today one wonders what else they´ll learn their first year of college!

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A Toy In My Box - WebYoung

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