The Wrong Way to Use a Chair

The Wrong Way to Use a Chair Trying to come up with fresh ideas is fast becoming more and more difficult, we are approaching the 100 update mark and for the most part are pretty happy with our scenarios, but as time goes on things seem to feel a little less fresh. So, I have decided I will start looking at the wonderful world of Bondage Art for inspiration and attempt to recreate some scenarios from there. So if you guys have some fantastic art with a realistic position you would like us to try to recreate send them to us, we want as many as possible, but it must be from an existing work of art!
This week we decided to have a go at trying to recreate an image from a really great artist named Ben Newman. Check out his blog! Mina is tied inverted on a chair in a back breaking position which is a lot more difficult than it appears, all her weight is forced on her neck as her body contorts. I actually had to release her arms pretty quickly to give her some ability to take the weight. A different chair I think would have suited better and we could have gotten much closer to this position and make it work, our chair had much more of a vertical back to it than is in this artwork. Nevertheless, a gorgeous girl in an uncomfortable and awkward position is what bondage is all about right!

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The Wrong Way to Use a Chair

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