Girlsway - Thought Exercise

Girlsway - Thought Exercise Release Year: 2023
Studio: Girlsway
Cast: Jayden Cole, Jezabel Vessir
Genres: Big Tits, Natural Tits, Fingering, Facesitting, Interracial, Lesbian, Cheating, Therapist, Ebony, Foot Fetish, Colored Hair
Video language: English
A couple, Summer Col and Jezabel Vessir, arrive for their latest session with their therapist, Jayden Cole. It's revealed that Summer is a bit on the prudish side, while Jezabel is left feeling sexually frustrated because of it. Although they love each other, they're finding it hard to express it physically in a way that leaves them both satisfied.
Jayden then proposes a 'thought exercise': Summer will cover her eyes while imagining and describing various sex acts, so that way she might be more open to trying those things for real someday. With Jezabel's encouragement, Summer agrees to it.
But as soon as Summer covers her eyes, Jayden and Jezabel exchange flirtatious looks and move close to each other, revealing that they are going to make full use of this unique opportunity. Jayden then encourages Summer to talk about kissing. Summer hesitates a moment but then goes into a long, slow description about how she would kiss Jezabel with tongue. As she does, Jezabel and Jayden eagerly make out, mischievously using Summer's words as a guide.
Of course, things only get hotter from there as Summer unwittingly describes a full-on steamy encounter that Jayden and Jezabel are only too happy to act out!

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Duration: 39:07
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Audio: 125kbps
Girlsway - Thought Exercise

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