Suffer to Pleasel

Suffer to Pleasel Little Mei Mara is the kind of girl that you want to capture and use for your pleasure. When she is dragged into the room and perched on the chair she knows she is nothing but bait for my insatiable appetites. Her legs are pulled apart, exposing her pink, tender, young, asian, pussy. Anxiety has taken hold of her as she tries to look down at what I am going to do between her legs. Mei feels her pussy lips pinched and pulled as the clamps are put on her sensitive parts. Everytime he drops the weights and she hears them crack together, she jumps, not only from the sound but from the pain racing up her body...from her pussy to her ears. Tonight is going to be more than she bargained for. She looks a broken mannequin dragging herself across the floor on all fours. An asshook impales her tender flesh deeper than she has ever felt. As she moves her face from side to side she feels the metal anchor pull and stretch inside her as the asshook is attached to a mouth spreader and nose hook. Degraded, she is forced to crawl to each cock and suck it vigorously. Mei scurries back and forth between two cocks at my command, turning so abruptly she tears the flesh off of her knees. But she wants so badly to please us that she would suffocate herself from deepthroating the cocks. The single tail drives her on to try harder and harder. I leave her with her face tied to the pole, drooling on the dick lodged within her throat....Her head is pulled back by the rope tied tightly across her eyes. I then tie it off to the crotch rope which is attached to the zipties locking her toes. As she struggles to keep balanced on her knees, her arms pull up, her head moves from side to side and she feels her crotch rope get tighter and tighter. She cant see the bucket filled with clothes pins in front of her exposed young flesh. As I clamp each peg on her she feels the heat and pain intensify. Not knowing what is in store for her, she trembles with fear and anticipation. She can't see anything, but what she hears is heavy nuts and bolts being dropped into a metal can in front of her. As each handful is thrown in, some of the clothespins rip off of her flesh. I pull the cord to give the clothespins some slack, then let go, ripping the last of them from her body. I leave her balancing on her knees, whimpering, with the vibrator still humming. Even though she is not blindfolded, the cock impaling her throat pins her back so she can only see forward, or in this case, up. I rig her as tightly as possible, then use weights to add strain to her inner thighs...She knows she will feel no relief as I drive a dildo deep into her ass, rudely pinning her to the table. She reacts as if I might be finished, only to feel another dido driven deeply into her young and sensitive pussy. She is pinned in a way she never thought possible, every limb bound tightly, every orafice filled. She is my canvas be painted with red stripes. as I begin using the vibrator on her, she cums, not just from the humiliation of the ordeal but from the sting of my cane...Signed, Damon Pierce - Dominant and Sadist.

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Suffer to Pleasel

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