Latin heat inn exile

Latin heat inn exile Release Year: 2001
Studio: Vivid man
Cast: Max Grand, Steve Shannon, Rob Steele, Jeremy Tucker, Rob Corona, Josh Perez, Duncan Mills, Stonie, Dennis Lincoln, Dave Casino
Genres: muscled studs, duos, interracial, blacks, oral, anal, facial, 69, rimming
This video is shot at the Exile Inn in Palm Springs. It is used as a resort that is in Costa Rica. The video opens with Max Grand and a hot cabana boy, played by Duncan Mills, having hot sex in one of the rooms. Max, in a close-up, licks Duncan's butt and gets his cock sucked before fucking Duncan's butt. Duncan shoots a big load while Max fucks him and then Max pulls out and his load joins Duncan's. After the sex, Max talks to Duncan about taking a statue for him through customs. Max, it appears, is illegally taking items into the US. Two of the cabana boys, Duncan and, another cutie, Dave Casino, meet while at work and discuss what they think Max is really doing. Theypare notes and Max has also slept with Raul, Dave's character, and also wants him to take some statues into the states. Raules to the pool at night and finds a naked American, played by Rob Steele. They suck and fuck one another by the poolside. Dave has a big, uncut dick and knows how to use it as he fucks Rob, and himself, to a big cum shot. Raul(Dave) gets Rob to take the statue into the states for him. Max calls home and gets Stonie, his houseboy. Steve, played by Steve Shannon, is his live in boyfriend who, we are told, hustles on the side. Max finishes his call and remembers the night he first met Steve. They showered together and Steve fucked Max on the bathroom floor. Max gets home and calls Raul in Costa Rica. Raul tells Max that they know what he is up to and want more money and less sex. As they hang up, Max hears an extra phone also hang up and realizes that Steve has been listening in on the call. We also see Steve making notes. Meanwhile, back at the resort, another cabana boy, played by Rob Corona, is with another tourist, Josh Perez. Josh agrees to take a statue to the states if Rob will have sex with him and he does. Rob gets fucked by Josh's big dick. Rob shoots a big, thick load on his stomach and Josh sprays Rob with his shortly after. They swim in the pool to clean off. Still with me? Time for more plot! The police, played by Jeremy Tucker and Dennis Lincoln, show up at Max's home in the states. Only the houseboy is home, Max is not there. Steve shows Stonie, the houseboy, his badge and has the two copse in. Steve goes to search for "evidence" while the two cops use their dicks to try to get information out of Stonie. They have Stonie take turns sucking each of them. Then one of the cops fucks Stonies butt while the other fucks his face, while Stonie is bent over the sofa. One shoots his load on the houseboys back while the other shoots his load as the houseboy JO's him. Stonie then shoots his load on the sofa. Neither has gotten Stonie to "talk" but then the phone rings and it's Max calling in. Steve tries to protect his cover but Max already knows. He tells Steve that he's hiding in Exile. Pan now to the sign, Inn Exile.plicated plot but this video handles it nicely. The sex scenes are hot. There are even real looking cop uniforms.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:22:11
Video: 512x384, XviD, 1086kbps
Audio: 46kbps
Latin heat inn exile

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