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TreasureIslandMedia - Manhandled Release Year: 2015
Studio: TreasureIslandMedia
Scene 1 from Manhandled
Romeo Davis has had his eyes on ALESSIO VEGA and his sweet Latin hole for a long time. When these two meet the sexual tension is ripped apart the minute Alessio gets on all fours and swallows Romeo's massive cock while puckering up his asshole and taking Romeo's big uncut dick hard and deep.

Scene 2 from Manhandled
Alex Tikas gets first dibs on Drew Dixon's hole, lubing him up with his spit and getting Drew ready for his thick, slab Of uncut man meat. Alex fucks the piss out of Drew and opens up that hungry hole. Alex gets his hands ready for a fist fucking session. Once his cock is ready to explode, Alex dumps a load inside of Drew's exposed ass.

Scene 3 from Manhandled
In order to properly fulfill Liam Archer's daddy issues, we enlisted the help of the best daddy in the industry Dolf Dietrich. Dolf dominates Liam, verbally and physically with huge dildos before he slides his big daddy dick into Liam's tight hole and fills him up.

Scene 4 from Manhandled
Drew Dixon is thirsty and ready for another load and Daddy Cream is just the big-dicked top Drew needs. Drew slobbers all over that nice, big dick before turning around and showing Daddy his nice hole, ready to be pounded. Daddy uses Drew's ass until he's ready to breed it deep with his cum.

Scene 5 from Manhandled
Jospeh Ox shows us his darker, nastier side when he meets up with Julian Torres. Joseph pulls out his big dick and let's Julian worship it; then slides it in That eager hole. Once Julian is all wet and warmed up, Joseph lubes up his hand and fists that thick, furry ass good and hard.

Scene 6 from Manhandled
Drew Dixon needed some big, black cock and we gave it to him when The Nude Botanist walked in and whipped it out. Drew's expert dick-sucking skills gets Nude's perfect dick harder than it already was and Nude Botanist is ready to get deep inside that ass. Drew's ass gets fucked so good he pisses all over himself before The Nude Botanist gears up to load up that ass and gets every drop of his cum inside Drew's infamous hole.

Scene 7 from Manhandled
Levy Foxx is one sexy, little bottom with a taste for big dick and rugged men. Joel Someone and Jake Morgan take turns filling Levy's mouth and ass with cock. When Levy begs for more dick, Joel and Jake double-stuff his ass with both their dicks at the same time, lubing each other up with their own cum until Levy is happily filled with jizz.

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TreasureIslandMedia - Manhandled

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