The Big Bouncing Nuts Hurt Like the Dickens - Part 2

The Big Bouncing Nuts Hurt Like the Dickens - Part 2 This clip starts where Part 1 ended... Chi Chi's legs are spread wide and her other ankle is tied to the spreader bar. Her elbows are tightly tied together before she is put in a strappado position. Her hair is tied back before the man starts groping and smacking her ass. The masked man walks away leaving her in this strenuous position. He returns and clamps her nipples. It has been tough on her, but she has endured. The agony and intensity starts to increase exponentially has he clover clamps her nipples. The yelps and whimpers turn to tears, screams, and sobbing after heavy nuts are hung from the clamps with springs. She moves and jerks from the pain, and every time she does, the weights bounce on the springs continuously jerking on the clamps applied to her tender sensitive nipples. Then to make her bondage even more strict, the man ties a rope from her chest to the middle of the spreader bar. Poor Chi Chi screams, sobs, and whimpers as the big bouncing nuts relentlessly tug on her nipples. At the end of the clip, he returns. He removes the clamps and gag and puts Chi Chi on her knees with an open mouth gag. NOTES: This is a very intense clip. If you like girls in real agony then you'll enjoy this, but if you don't then I'd stay away from it.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 16:12
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 5956kbps
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The Big Bouncing Nuts Hurt Like the Dickens - Part 2

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