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He conquered Egypt with his asp & his ass . . . It's the most expensive XXX gay movie ever filmed!
Welcome to the world of Ancient Rome and Egypt.
It's 58BC and the beautiful Egyptian Queen Cleopatra is in turmoil. The Egyptian empire is falling apart at the seams and she doesn't know how to save her beloved kingdom. She asks the Gods and they tell her she must marry and bear a to handsome Roman General Marc Anthony.
She sends for him and they are married, but then the real problems start, because Marc Anthony is GAY!
As Marc Anthony fucks his way around the Egyptian palace, Cleopatra begins to suspect that Marc may not be able to provide her with an heir to the throne. She tries everything to turn him straight including magic potions and spells, but when you're gay you're gay!
'Marc Anthony' is a hilarious big budget comedy that is crammed with the hardest gay sex, filmed on incredible sets. With a cast of 8 gorgeous guys who have one thing on their mind - to fuck Marc Anthony!
The movie opens with Marc being rimmed by his boyfriend Gianni at home in Rome. In this sensual scene both guys fuck and suck each other to a climatic orgasm.
Roman Emporer Caesar has a visit from Cleopatra's messenger requesting a marriage between Marc Anthony and herself. Caesar likes the idea, and power makes him very horny so he demands a deep penetrating fuck with his slave Brutus the Buch.
Marc Anthony is dispatched to Egypt with his asp (his pet snake), where he immediately starts cruising and fucks Fuka, straight after his wedding to Cleo.
Cleo wants to win back her man, so she gives him a magic potion to turn him straight. Marc it then falls asleep. He dreams of a 6 man orgy with the guys bandaged (or should that be bondaged) up like Egyptian mummies.
Obviously the potion didn't work. Cleo asks the Gods for help. They tell her she must impregnate herself with his sperm. She sends her Sorcerer Hocus Pocus to give Marc a blowjob and capture his sperm in his mouth, but someone should have told Hocus Pocus to spit and not swallow!
Finally she decides to consult her book of ancient spells and finds one to make Marc fall in love with her. Immediately after casting the spell she rushes to his room. He touches her face, telling her how beautiful she is - it worked! The she screams, she has been bitten by his pet asp and dies. The spell is broken. Leaving Marc as Emperor of Egypt.
A few months pass and Caesar decides to pay Marc a visit. Both men have a slave each, and what are slaves for? Fucking of course. The movie ends with this climatic foursome as these guys eat each other with a sexual hunger and then release their showers of cum.

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Gay - Marc Anthony

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