Bus of pleasures

Bus of pleasures Release Year: 2013
Cast: Mitsuki Hikaru, Ayami Mitsuka, Koizumi Chiharu
Genres: Uncensored, All Sex
Getting ready with friends for a trip,
We will hire the bus.
And that with a century to march in step precisely,
We are the bans, we will bypass a taboo.
Cigarettes and binge - the main thing,
But here something have forgotten one.
Stop! To stand! The ego vain will shout,
To take girlfriends at the same time)
From whom will choose I has asked,
From Spaniards?
They have a cellulitis,
Can Germans?
You what, has already everything?
At me on I frightened - isn't necessary.
Black women - this exotic!!!
Our friend - the pacifist has cried out suddenly.
Terribly I have taken a view of the neurotic,
Our second friend, by nickname - "Nazi".
The Swede can? Blondes - have got,
WELL then can - from the USA?
As friends you have lagged behind life,
Silicone is a falseness, a shower.
Passed from heels of stops,
We pass along next.
"And look - at these Japanese,
Can them we will take away to one?"
All have thought, only for a moment,
But the consensus has been found then.
And under it "the Japanese singing"
We have left for foreign lands.
We have passed many miles vset,
It is a lot of container, stubs, bull-calves....
We removed day each of chairs,
From salon, from all glove compartments...)
Sea of sex, debauchery and platitude,
In that way - it is foreordained to us.
This video of our oversight,
We give yours faithfully - to you))

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Duration: 1:00:33
Video: 704x396, Windows Media Video 9, 1875kbps
Audio: 125kbps
Bus of pleasures

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