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They are young, handsome, and wild and they have just spent the hottest summer in their lives. Parents of the twinks in Summer Camp 2 should not be expecting a letter anytime soon that starts out "Hello , Hello , Here I am at Camp Grenada. Camp is very entertaining, and they say we'll have some fun if it stops raining!"
Summer Camp 2 Nikolas Markov
That's not because they're extremely busy learning to make wallets, hiking, swimming in a lake or learning CPR. Instead, these randy twinks are learning how to massage the prostate, suck cock and shoot their loads far and wide.
The guys head out one weekend to the woods for a camping expedition. Most people would remember to bring a flashlight, batteries, food, sunscreen and bug spray, but these it's obvious these have remembered a car load of condoms and lube to help relieve the wood and tents in their pants. They barely have time to take in nature since they're busy taking in each other's cocks.
On the way to camp is when it begins as Dominik Trojan and Andrej Rovensky wander off the beaten path, look around sheepishly, then whip out their uncut cocks. They grind, kiss, moan, then suck each other in the forest, and then Trojan sticks his wood up Rovenky's ass, and fucks him hard enough you'd think he'd finish his walk to camp with a limp.
One of the things about director Robert Boggs' films, and something I like, is he uses the same models, and it's always a small cast, with multiple sex scenes. The models appear in numerous scenes, yet watching them kiss, suck, rim and fuck different partners never gets old or repetitive. It's because audiences, no matter how many scenes the guys are in, can never get enough of these boys

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Gay - Summer Sex Camp

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