Member Requested Socks

Member Requested Socks Recently had a member request that I make a video clip of me in exercise tank top, running shorts, striped crew socks and sneakers. I had difficulty finding the white crew socks with the 3 colored stripes at the top like they had back in the eighties, but I thought these might do....
Anyway, I come home all tired from running, and Johnny asks me what I have been up to. I tell him that I had to get my run in and I'm going to take a shower. Well, I think that Johnny gets worried that I may not have the energy to be tied up and play after I take a nice relaxing shower and change into some warm pajamas. So, he decides to seize the moment, literally. He grabs cable ties from the kitchen junk drawer and leads me over to the offensive treadmill that started this whole nasty running and therefore running out of energy trend. He XXXX me down on to the belt and makes quick work of securing me in a hog tie with the cable ties. He has to give me a gag, but doesn't have one readily available, so he steps away for a moment (he knows I can't get away) to procure just the right gag. He returns a moment later and fastens the leather harness ball gag over my cute little pig tailed head. I struggle back and forth, halfheartedly attempting to escape as the plastic ties bite into my skin. Of course, I drool profusely all over the belt of the treadmill and into my pigtails. Then, as I become more angry, I begin to contemplate the value of exercise. Well, any activity that gets me tied up....I guess it's worth it!
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Member Requested Socks

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