Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie It is really just a shame that I don't work the night shift more often. Well, except for all the code red calls that seem to happen when I work. I don't know why. I wear the same nurse dress, hat and white stockings as all the other nurses. The only change I make in the uniform is to wear red high heels. I just can't stand those frumpy clogs that all the other nurses wear. Anyway, I arrive at 7 pm with my stethoscope around my neck, ready to work. But, my patient in 420 has a different idea for me...He grabs me as soon as I come in the room to start my rounds. He quickly ties my legs together with red rope (that oddly matches my uniform) at the knees and ankles and then ties my arms above my head. He stuffs a big red ball gag in my mouth and then hops back in bed. He acts oddly disinterested as I weave back and forth trying to loosen my arms in front of him. And, then I remember...The day nurse reported that this patient does not like to take his meds. He could have just told me! Now, I don't think I'll get any work done tonight. But, who's complaining. I have a legitimate excuse!
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Nurse Jackie

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