Satin Secretary

Satin Secretary Sometimes, I pretend to be working on website stuff, just so Johnny will snatch me up and tie me up in knots. Shhhh...don't tell him that I know he can't resist! So, on a boring Saturday afternoon, I'm wearing a gold satin blouse with my black satin skirt, garters, nude stockings and golden high heels. When Johnny returns home from his beach outing, he finds me in the kitchen staring at the laptop and does exactly as predicted. He goes upstairs and grabs what he needs to render me occupied. Once he is back downstairs, I willfully let him tie me up. He secures my arms behind my back, and ties my legs together above the knees, below the knees, and at the ankles with red rope. He gives me a red satin detective style gag to add to the shimmer of me tied up. I am seated comfortably on the couch at first, but as I feign indignation I slide down to the floor and slide around a bit more. It would seem I've become a big easy to capture!

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Satin Secretary

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