White and Black Babydoll Nightie

White and Black Babydoll Nightie So, we used this particular outfit as part of a special update coming soon to JackieBound. And, we thought it looked so good, that it had to be used for a regular update. Actually, I think Johnny just really liked to see me in it, so he used it as an excuse to get me to wear it again.
Well, here it is...I put on my white and black baby doll nightie with black lace trimmed white satin panties, black garter belt, white stockings and black high heels. Johnny puts my arms together behind my back in an armbinder and puts soft cuffs on my ankles. He attaches the soft cuffs to a spreader bar and gives my mouth a big white ball gag. Then, he pulls my arms up into a strapado position, so I can lean over and drool all over the floor. Of course, I'm not sure that was enough to settle his urges, so I end up on the floor with my armbinder attached to the soft cuffs on my ankles. I lose my shoes, but my hogtie allows me to move around a lot. Yipppee!
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White and Black Babydoll Nightie

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