White Slip Pole Tie

White Slip Pole Tie It's getting late. And, Johnny has not come up to our bedroom to retire for the night. Hmmmm....I wonder what is keeping him. I head downstairs in the ensemble I was wearing as I waited for him: tempting white satin slip, garter belt, satin panties and nude stockings. When I reach the base of the staircase, I can see that Johnny wasn't watching television really. He was busy setting a bondage trap for me. Once I am in the living room, he sweetly takes hold of me and guides me to the bondage pole he has erected in the corner of the room. Johnny hastily ties my arms above my head on the pole and my barefeet are roped together at the ankles. Of course, he has been dying to try out this new black latex ball gag on me. So, naturally, he stuffs it in my mouth to keep me quiet. I stand there sheepish as he steps back to admire me. There I am....his own personal show. And, I don't mind at all...

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White Slip Pole Tie

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